Coconut Macaroons

Ok, so these macaroons are incredibly simple to make and only have 4 ingredients! Personally, I love eating them as dessert with organic yoghurt (or just on their own, to be honest…). Yummy yummy in your tummy !! 😉 For 20 pieces Ingredients: 200g bananas (about 2,5) 1 lemon zest 3 large eggs 200g desiccated coconut Method: Preheat … Continue reading Coconut Macaroons

Bean Stew

This bean stew is so simple and quick to make. It’s lovely for cold winter nights when you are too lazy to cook for hours. If you feel like having meat it’s lovely to add some lean mince before adding all the remaining ingredients. You can eat this on it’s own or add some brown rice to … Continue reading Bean Stew

Raw Brownies

The only thing I can say about these brownies is that I am obsessed! They are super quick and easy to make. Only 3 ingredients! Serves 10-15 brownies Ingredients: 1 mug pecans or almonds (140g). 2 mugs Medjool dates (400g), pitted. 3 tbsp raw cacao powder. Optional 2 tbsp maple syrup. Method: Pulse the pecans in a food … Continue reading Raw Brownies

Avocado Eggs

This recipe is so simple and delicious!! It’s full of omega-3s, healthy fatty acids, rich in protein and low in sugar. A perfect start of your day.  Make sure you buy organic, small or medium eggs. I love to season the avocado egg with chilli flakes or chives, but feel free to use any topping you like! Enjoy x … Continue reading Avocado Eggs