Prawn Courgetti

  This prawn courgetti is so simple, healthy and quick to make. Perfect for when you’re trying to cut out those carbs but still feel like pasta! I used homemade vegan pesto here – I love to make lots of it so I can use it whenever I need! And if you’re vegan, this meal is great without prawns too. Enjoy!x   Serves 4 … Continue reading Prawn Courgetti

Chocolate Spread

I love chocolate spread – and I wish I could have it on my toast every morning! Sadly, Nutella is very unhealthy and contains huge amounts of sugar! But the good news is that I’ve found a simple, amazing alternative. It’s easy for your body to break down, and the hazelnuts are full of vitamins. Yummy, happy days! x Ingredients: … Continue reading Chocolate Spread

Courgette Lasagne

I love lasagne, but hate the bloated  feeling afterwards. With this lasagne I replaced the pasta with courgette slices… and it’s amazing !! It’s gluten free and lower in carbs than the usual lasagne. It is still really cheesy and you won’t taste the difference at all. Make sure that this is a treat as there is still … Continue reading Courgette Lasagne